Retail Customers

shop-retailHomeowners who are working on their own can find inspiration and help in our sales showroom. Wandering through websites and big-box stores can be a bit overwhelming.  The Portsmouth Bath Company offers a high level of personalized service and a commitment to professionalism and industry knowledge that you'll find helpful and refreshing.  At the Portsmouth Bath Company you can:

  • Talk to us about your project. We can answer your questions and gently guide you through your selection process, offering solutions and recommendation based upon your design style and budget.
  •  See and touch the quality of our products.
  •  Buy from manufacturers that we have pre-screened for quality and value. We buy direct from these manufacturers, giving you confidence that you are bringing genuine, first-quality products into your home.
  •  Use our warehouse to store your plumbing products until they have all arrived and can then be easily picked-up or delivered.  We will have already intercepted any shipping errors and dealt with damaged freight issues so that you don't have to.
  •  Have confidence that we will be here anytime during or after the sale should you need us for anything.

We are very serious about offering quality products at a good value.  If you find our sales showroom and consultants to be helpful, we would appreciate your business.